Unrestrained capitalism has led to a strain on the planet and a deepening chasm across societies.

We face several existential issues including a global climate crisis and increasingly unequal societies. Governments have belatedly started to address these issues with the launch of the SDGs as well as talk about trying to achieve Net Zero emissions.
As corporate financiers we are proud to have been at the forefront to embed ESG and sustainability metrics and considerations into our client processes over the past decade.


Companies returns are no longer limited to focus merely on financial returns. Stakeholders are also scrutinising non-financial value creation – human, social and environmental. This has become a critical lens for corporate strategy and strengthens an organisation’s purpose.

We will work with you on strategy definition, from execution and implementation, to delivery of results and communicating your sustainability narrative.
We can also help integrate ESG and sustainability value drivers into M&A activity.

Measuring Impact

Entities need to be able to measure and manage both financial and non-financial value creation, and understand all the positive and negative impacts on stakeholders. Our tried and tested methodologies are flexible and can be applied to measure, estimate and forecast the non-financial impacts of business and investment activity.

Impact Investing

Businesses are increasingly considering non-financial value creation, and investors are looking to integrate this as part of their investment strategies. If you are an investor, we can help you define an impact investing strategy, measure the non-financial impact your investments will make and communicate this to stakeholders.

Sustainability Assurance

Sustainability assurance gives confidence in the quality and accuracy of an organisation’s social and environmental performance. We offer a report process that ensures that the information provided is reliable, that the appropriate matters have been reported, and that the processes used to collect and report the information are strong and credible.

ESG and Sustainability Risks

Incorporating environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into investment decisions can help better manage risk and generate sustainable long-term growth. There has been an increased focus on ESG in the last few years largely due to:

  • Increasing body of evidence which links strong ESG performance to superior financial returns
  • Regulatory and policy shifts
  • Permeation of sustainability rhetoric to a wider group of stakeholders, leading to changes in stakeholder expectations
  • All of which has led to a greater ESG interest from investors. Some of this has manifested into some sectors being considered at significant risk of disruption and material financial losses

We can support investors to establish ESG strategies, policies and procedures and we can also provide ESG support throughout the deal cycle. We are thought leaders in this space and regularly contribute and commission research and sit on various roundtables and committees.

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