Our Values

Salonica Group’s founding principles are; integrity, sincerity and courage. We draw inspiration from the City of Salonica which was the leading economic light of the Eastern Mediterranean and an entrepôt of unparalleled diversity.

We aim to revive the spirit of intellectualism and creativity of the Mediterranean with 21st Century financial innovation and bespoke solutions. We have an experienced team of investment banking, capital markets, accountancy and legal professionals with a proven track record of developing bespoke and innovative solutions for our clients. We are able to advise, assist and co-ordinate advisory and investment solutions across a wide array of industries and asset classes. Our success is defined by treating our clients as business partners to ensure we understand their needs and share their long term aspirations.

Our distinctive values are:

Client focus

Our client centric approach is exemplified by our personal commitment to our clients’ requirements and challenges. We are an agile firm unencumbered by bureaucracy, maintaining a flexible approach while striving for high class execution standards.


Our expertise and the promotion of bespoke solutions for our clients illustrate our thought leadership. We provide in-depth insight on complex issues and our strong track record fortifies our confidence in being able to create innovative solutions to meet our clients’ needs.


Our history is embodied by entrepreneurship and posits sustainability at the core of our business model. We are committed to working with our clients to promote and achieve the Sustainability Development Goals.